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I am an American abroad for years and years who has lived or worked in six countries on three continents, the longest in Germany, where I currently live.

I’m a communications and strategy expert with 25 years of experience in a broad range of corporate roles. I have real-world experience in small, medium and large companies in multiple industries (automotive, chemical, publishing, IT and construction). My deep industry expertise at companies such as SAP, BASF and Hilti, means I speak the language of business, not consulting.

Being fluent in both communications and IT, I bridge the gap between these often conflicting worlds.

My motto is “fight the hype” and I enjoy taking a unique, unorthodox, view of the current trends.

It’s not about following the latest hype, but doing what’s best for your company. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Working with Erik leads to results, rather than busy-work because he is experienced, calm, kind, good-humored, insightful, and pragmatic. It’s a winning combination!

Rebecca Chase, Founder of Audri.Life

Erik understands the strategy, the core of a brand and has a strong ability to translate the brand for a variety of communication channels, including digital. His goal is to always ensure the target audience can understand and feel what the company is aiming for. Erik has a great flair for language and creates interesting and easy-to-understand content in both English and German. Erik is a great partner to work with based on his empathy and focus on finding a pragmatic solution for all.

“Erik is a skilled communications leader who understands both the complexities and nuances of how organizations currently communicate and how they need to change. In particular, Erik was effective at framing the opportunity and value for other senior leaders.”

“During the almost four years that I worked in Erik’s team, I profited immensely from his leadership. He particularly impressed me by always keeping his focus on the corporate strategy. ‘It is not about us, it is about what is good for the company,’ is one of my favorite quotes from him. Erik is a true agent of change, creating an organization that is more successful, more agile and more profitable.”

Benjamin Solms-Rusch, former team member at BASF

“Erik is an excellent person to share thoughts and ideas with, since he’s a great listener and provides very useful and critical feedback.”

Mark Scavillo, former colleague at SAP

“Erik is an extremely hard-working individual who continuously impressed me with his energy, drive and enthusiasm to get the job done. He fostered a sense of trust and loyalty in his project team and continuously inspired and motivated the team to achieve the project goal.”

Sonja Wandrey, former digital project team member at Hilti
Book Cover The Accidental Change Agent

In “The Accidental Change Agent,” I draw on my 25 years of industry experience and real-world insights. Managers who desire to create real change in an organization must focus on the human side of leadership, be open to trying new methods of communication, and lead the way along the new path. Innovation cannot be mandated. It often involves painful, yet needed, change in the organization, in the leadership methods, and also in the corporate culture.